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Sparrow2 by VoIPAlarm.com

The most cost effective alarm solution for the digital telephone revolution is here!

The Sparrow2 adapter allows land-line based alarm systems to communicate signals over Internet.
Give your panel new wings with Sparrow2!

Sparrow2 by VoIPAlarm.com offers an inexpensive and simple solution to the #1 problem facing the alarm industry.

The Problem:

Millions of homes and businesses have already converted their phone service to digital or internet based phone service and in the next 4 years, an estimated 24 million more will switch to digital telephone (such as Vonage®). Those with older alarm systems may unknowingly be in danger because their systems will not reliably report emergency alarms.

The Solution:

With the Sparrow2, VoIPAlarm.com provides the solution for the digital phone service revolution, restoring functionality of disabled alarm systems in the field and adding enhanced capabilities to older systems. The Sparrow2 gives an old alarm system new wings!
The Sparrow2 is a plug-in adapter with a patented firmware solution to re-enable signaling and alarm transmissions by existing systems over the internet.

Download Brochure with Sparrow2 features in pdf format

Call your Alarm Dealer today and tell them you want the Sparrow2.



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