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How can I test my alarm system?

Am I using an Internet based telephone service?

What is VoIP and how can it interfere with my alarm system?

What is being done to make VoIP and alarm systems more compatible?

How do I get the VoIPAlarm.com solution?

What should I know about VoIP if I have a two-way voice medical device?

What is being done to make VoIP and alarm systems more compatible?

Until VoIPAlarm.com, the VoIP and alarm systems manufacturers appeared to be struggling to work with alarm companies on a permanent solution to these transmission problems. They failed to standardize an affordable, reliable solution for existing alarm panels. Instead, manufacturers attempted to back alarm owners into a corner and force them to purchase new, expensive equipment to upgrade their alarm systems.

VoIPAlarm.com believes the moral and professional approach is to provide a solution that helps your current system to function properly. VOIPALARM.COM uses an ABN (Alarm Broadband Network) adapter to transmit signals directly over your broadband connection. Essentially, it sends the signal alongside, rather than through your VoIP service. The adapter is $129, and the monitoring rates are comparable to regular land-line monitoring.

Each month additional server updates are made to improve the capabilities of VoIPAlarm.com interfaces. We can now provide monitoring for thousands of alarm systems manufactured over the past twenty years.

The largest and most reputable alarm monitoring facilities use our Sparrow technology by VoipAlarm.com to support your security services. Including:

  • CMS
  • API
  • ARC





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