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About VoIPAlarm.com

  Every month, over 35,000 homes switch from traditional PSTN telephone service to Voice-over-Internet Protocol or digital telephone service. Consumers and industry experts agree, VoIP and digital telephone services severely impact the reliability of security systems by interfering with their ability to report alarms to their monitoring central stations.

Although VoIP and digital telephone services are excellent for voice communication, they are simply not suited for transmitting alarm system data. In fact, more and more monitoring centers simply do not accept accounts which use VoIP or digital telephone.


VoIPAlarm was built to solve these problems. Using Linksys-manufactured equipment with specially modified firmware and highly customized SIP servers, VoIPAlarm turns standard VoIP hardware into broadband-enabled alarm signal transmitters that work with 90% of existing alarm systems.

VoIPAlarm requires no changes to the existing alarm system, other than the addition of an easy-to-install Sparrow 2 alarm broadband adapter. The Sparrow 2 connects to the alarm system's telephone terminals using a standard RJ11 or RJ31X connection, and to the Internet via Ethernet or wireless bridge. Signals will be received via the customer's broadband Internet connection, then retransmitted to the central station of your choice.


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